por Carlos Cano Parejo (4º ESO C)

Cemetery … hands almost without muscles … pieces of green flesh lying on the floor … smell of putrefaction. I can not remember anything anymore. Always the same nightmare causes me to consume body and soul, in the cold embrace of loneliness.

I was in a very strange room, illuminated by five black candles. It looked like a bedroom and a dark attic at the same time. The walls, coppery brown, were covered with ivy almost entirely. Among some branches shyly emerged the fangs of the head of a stuffed wolf, hanging on the wall. My bed looked like a black bear with mole fur blankets. I tried to get up to dress myself, but I forgot that my legs were missing and fell crashing into a muddy floor with gray dirt. Looking through the darkness of the cot, I saw a pair of green eyes. A black cat tasted one of my legs, I did not remember that anyone had cut them.

At last I remembered how it happened. Every time I had that dream, one of my limbs rotted little by little, like a corpse in its coffin that they forgot to mummify. I spotted a wheelchair in the corner of the room, next to the statuette of a boar. I managed to sit on it and examined the strange bedroom more thoroughly.

The ceiling, black with moss, had leaks in almost all the grooves of the corroded wooden boards that formed it. Possibly, that was what caused the muddy ground. There was a closet of a reddish color, yellowish because of its old age and the humidity of the environment, from which the termites had devoured much of one of its edges. I went to see what it contained inside. When I was going to grab a kind of hairy pommel, it moved. Turning around I could see that it was a tiny head with eyes and mouth sewn. He moaned as if he were being burned in a bonfire of the Inquisition. I quickly moved away and went to the colossal oak door that presided over the great assembly of corroded and putrid furniture, summoned in that bedroom. I thought I would need a key to open it, but no, just pushing it was enough to open two fingers.

I looked through the slot and I could see a dark corridor with four torches about to be consumed. Suddenly, a shadow passed fleetingly before my eyes and completely extinguished all the torches. I quickly closed the monstrous door without making a single sound. I held my breath, or so I thought, until I realized that I was drowning. There was no oxygen in that place.

Then, the silent shadow passed behind me, throwing me from the wheelchair to the floor. I lay on the pavement, grabbing my neck. The strange shadow fell on me and became matter. A skeleton covered with gray skin opened its mouth and gradually approached me, inhaling the air. The closer he got, the darker hair was filled with impoverished gray hair. My white skin became a desert, overflowing with internal hemorrhages. The sloppy teeth fell down, the ones I swallowed so as not to drown myself and survive a few more moments. The blood that ran through my veins was freezing, as if a frost was killing every living thing that inhabits my body, rising from the waist to the mouth.

The bony hands of the anorectic corpse opened my jaw and put its teeth without teeth, black and deep as the cosmos, in mine, absorbing all my vital essence. My eyes clouded and I heard a thunderous throaty voice ringing in my ears saying «you’re mine».

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