• Nightmares

    por Carlos Cano Parejo (4º ESO C)

    Cemetery … hands almost without muscles … pieces of green flesh lying on the floor … smell of putrefaction. I can not remember anything anymore. Always the same nightmare causes me to consume body and soul, in the cold embrace of loneliness.


    Seulement une fois par année
    Papa Noël descend par la cheminée
    Pour nous apporter des cadeaux

    Dans le ciel nous pouvons regarder
    Une étoile plein de bonheur.
    Nous fermons les paupières
    Et nous avons des rêves de Noël.

    Un ange vient pour dire «Bonne Année»
    Et des souvenirs viennent à notre cœur.

    (Alicia Martín Soria y Celia Rodríguez Maestre, 1ºESO A)

    Nowadays, all topics related with recycling, pollution and climate change among others, are getting more and more well known. This might be because we are realizing how bad we are treating our world.

    A long time ago, a large proportion of the population were not aware of the importance of keeping our planet in perfect conditions, or at least, keeping it as well as we can.